Proof that Fairtrade is better – Wrappers Off to Cadburys

There’s No Doubt but Cadburys New Fairtrade chocolate bar definitely tastes like chocolate used to taste. I have been helping the sales revenues ever since they launched it, in the interests of research, of course. In my qualified opinion, the Fairtrade bar is definitely creamier and actually melts in your mouth. There are one or two less ingredients in the Fairtrade bar, which I think are preservatives.  I think the cocoa butter content is also higher, but must check that one out  – Whatever it is – it’s working and I commit to testing many a bar to ensure consistency of quality.
Mind You I remain very committed to Divine Chocolate but for reminiscing it has to be Cadburys.
Wrappers off to Cadburys and I hope the next step is to see more Fairtrade labels on their other bars.

Our offer of a Free Bar of Chocolate on all Belleetik purchases will continue until Christmas……. Or as long as stocks of chocolate last in my hands : )

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