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Some News Making Headlines / Blog Lines on Sustinable Clothing – Apr 2012

Friday, April 27th, 2012

1. This week is Better Fashion Week in Ireland. For a review of what Better Fashion and more about what’s happening read on

Better Fashion Week

Better Fashion

Irish Times – Wednesday April 25th By : Rosemary McCabe

For more on the event visit

2. Shwopping is the new shopping, darling: Joanna Lumley launches clothes recycling initiative for M&S

 Schwopping at M&S

(I really couldn’t figure out the picture at the start. I thought it was advertising wearing used clothes. But according to the article “M&S filled an entire street in East London’s Brick Lane fashion district with the equivalent amount of clothing that we throw into landfill every five minutes – almost 10,000 items” –  makes you think)

3. Livia Firth, wife of Colin Firth has been in the headlines in the past months for her Green Carpet challange. I like her for making a stand and as she said being more than just the wife at the Oscars.

 Firth fashions a green path for Hollywood

CNN – April 26th 2012 By Erin McLaughlin

 Livia Firth: “Once you’ve seen how a factory producing throwaway fashion operates, you can never really go back to the high street”

Daily Telegraph – 20th April 2012  By Lisa Armstrong

 3. Fashion food for thought. Maybe she’s reading too much into her fashion choices of particular moments but interesting idea and brave to put yourself to the test! The comments are OUCH

Do your clothes reveal your character flaws?

Daily Mail – 25th April 2012 By Liz Jones 

 4. For a sample of the ideas, trends and designs from around the world Trendhunter is an interesting port of call – keep an eye on the time…….

Trend Hunter 65 Conscientious Couture Pieces

April 2012 –

5 Hopefully more will follow H&M’s move to clean up fashion and look pretty and vibrant while doing so. There are lots of great options to mix & match with the items on our website – try their chiffon shirts & print tops with our trousers or print skitrs with our tops.

Is H&M the new home of ethical fashion?

The Guardian – April 10, 2012

Warm the Cockles of Your Heart

Friday, October 28th, 2011

With Cool and Cosy handmade Cashmere Tops and Pullover from Hollywood based designer to the stars and starlets – Deborah Lindquist.

Deborah Lindquist on

Deborah Lindquist on

Deborah customises vintage cashmere clothes and remakes it into eye catching and very wearable pieces in her studio in Los Angelus. Her quirky appliques and high quality customisation sets her clothes apart.

I’ve been a fan since coming across Deborah Lindquist at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris in 2007. It was the colour and designs that I was attracted to as well as this concept of upcycling. Howsoever I am won over to the cashmere side after practically living in my first grey bolero for a Winter. I can vouch for the cosy insulation that comes from a relatively thin layer of clothing.

Frightfully Good Value- Our sale price at only €50 is also frightfully good value – if we do say so ourselves. This is not pittance by any means but a fraction of what you would normally have to pay for a piece by Deborah Lindquist. More importantly these tops are beuatifully made and will not only keep you warm, and be a friend for years to come.

Upcycled cosy and quirky cashmere tops only €50

Deborah Lindquist - Hollywood Based Designer to the Stars and Starlets

Fashion Evolution – Ireland’s 3rd Ethical Fashion Week

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Fashion Evolution 2010
Fashion Evolution 2010

Today marks the start of Fashion Evolution – A week dedicated to Ethical Fashion Week. The event is organised by Re-Dess – a one stop shop for information on Ethical Fashion. Their mission is to provide the Irish fashion sector with the tools to promote more sustainable fashion choices. Visit for the full programme and more information. 


To Celebrate Belleetik is offering some FreeBIEs -


 With every order for €40 & over you will get a gorgeous & vibrant silk wallet  and if you order for over €100 you have a choice of our gorgeous Frou Frou bag