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Vivienne Westwood launches an Ethical Fashion Africa collection

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011


Vivienne Westwood launches an Ethical Fashion Africa collection. The collection features beautiful bag made from recycled materials & African inspiration, produced by women in Nairobi.

More on the Project – taken directly from – “Vivienne Westwood has once again partnered with the ITC (International Trade Centre) in the Ethical Fashion Programme. This programme now supports over 7,000 women, who have a strong desire to improve their lives. Through the Programme’s extensive network, some of the poorest people in the world now have access to a job. The income earned enables children to attend school. It pays for medical expenses. It ensures other basic needs can be met. All those involved in Vivienne Westwood’s Ethical Fashion Africa collection are empowered by the pride they take in their work and the new skills learnt.The aim is that many will start their own companies and train the next generation of skilled workers, raising the standard of living in one of the world’s most fragile economies. NOT CHARITY, JUST WORK” 

Ethical fashion gets super-stylish – The Sunday Times January 10, 2010

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

The clothes that help save the planet and the people that make them are now among the most stylish. Everyone from Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney and are getting in on the act – Read On

I think it has been stylish for a long time but a feature in the Sunday Times definately means the concept of “Ethical Fashion” is going mainstream. The article gives a good overview as to what ethical fashion is ” The definition of “ethical fashion” is woollier than a hand-knit mohair jumper, covering anything from recycled-leather bags to vegan shoes or dresses made using surplus milk processed into fabric. Some brands focus on Fairtrade production, eco-friendly materials and manufacturing, or support social initiatives in local commmunities. . . Others use organic fabrics and recycled materials, while some take a principled stand on materials.”

Sustainable Fashion – Mainstream !?!

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Actress Julia Stiles is poking fun at it, while Harry Potter star Emma Watson is launching a range  |  Jo Wood, designer Betty Jackson & Gael Garcia are camapigning for it – and at London Fashion Week, founder of Esthetica  – the ethical fashion section – said it will cause a revolution on the High Street In 2010 – Is Ethical Fashion Finally Becoming a Mainstream Idea

Maybe so… London Fashion Week is coming to a close today. Esthetica the “Ethical” section, instead of being a side show, held its own with the fashion crowd and stood out for passion, creativity and innovation. It seems fashion circles are seeing this as a new direction. This video gives a lovely overview of Esthetica Spring Summer 2010

More videos like this on

PeopleTree & Emma Watson team Up for Spring 2010

The rumour was confirmed in September that Emma Watson teamed up with PeopleTree to bring a teen collection to the market next February. More in a few months…

 The Telegraph had fun with a headline  “Emma Watson and her Harry Potter co-star Bonnie Wright are involved in an entertaining tussle to establish who has the most impressive ethical credentials.” 

Love Fashion Hate Sweatshops

is a campaign launched by WarOnWant this September, to focus on real change to clean up the fashion industry, by addresses workers rights of companies supplying the UK high street and invariably the Irish high street. The campaign has attracted support from Jo Wood (ex wife of Rolling Stone – Ronnie Wood), Gael Garcia Bernal and fashion designer Betty Jackson. For more information  &  WarOnWant reports on the fashion industry go to

 Julia Stiles cares more about the environment than you do

Actress  Julia Stiles pokes fun at celebrity turned designers and being holier than thou green – a bit bananas but also funny. 

If Julia Stiles can bring this much publicity to an eco stunt – imagine what she could achieve by teaming up with a super, start up sustainable label. Applications to www.……   It would also be nice to see more fun and humour injected into fashion campaigns.

Certainly as designers, celebs and media come on board, ethical fashion is coming out into the mainstream and the future looks bright. The beauty of ethical fashion is the diversity – organic, fairtrade, socially responsible, recycled, locally made, cruelty free and on and on. Hopefully we will soon move from having to be defined by the “ETHICAL” term and move into promoting the diversity and stories behind the clothes and those who design and produce them.