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Fast Fashion Frenzy Pushes Workers Into Starvation Conditions

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Taken from BBC3 documentary in 2008 'Blood, Sweat & Tshirts'

Taken from BBC3 documentary in 2008 'Blood, Sweat & Tshirts'

Third world factories – and their employees – are being overwhelmed by the demands of western fast fashion” – The Observer Aug 8th -  This article by Lucy Siegle is a depressing and well written reminder that our shopping choices in one part of the world accept that people in another part, work in conditions more suited to Charles Dickens time, than modern, civilized society. This article was in response to an Observer expose on the same date, relating to sweatshop conditions in factories producing for three major players on the highstreet. Read Full Article

Of course it is not every factory, every brand and every retailer, but it is very difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. The New York Magazine picked up on the article and asked their readers “What would you have to learn about the unsavory behind-the-scenes practices of your favorite fast-fashion chain in order to stop shopping there?” The article and discussion make for interesting reading. 

The New York Magazine turns the spotlight back on us as consumers,  saying that that a request for last minute design changes which may involve “aching fingers, few bathroom breaks, and definitely no snacks” would “not only render us incapable of moving buttons, but probably strike us dead in our desk chairs”. The magazine concludes its piece by saying “So long as consumers gobble up fast fashion, retailers will try to keep up the supply. The short of it: Terrible factory conditions are just as much the fault of as of shoppers, as of  lackadaisical inspectors and exploitative manufacturing giants.”

Lucy ends the article in the Guardian with a quote from a fashion buyer turned sustainable fashion consultant Claire Hamer – “The future is behind the label and the story behind it, not just the brands,” she insists. “The smart fashion brands are beginning to design and buy out of these issues. I envisage a world where, when someone says ‘I love your top,’ you won’t just say, ‘Thanks, it’s from Topshop’, you’ll take pride in knowing who made it. The value is not just in the brand, it’s in the people who made it.”

At belleetik with our tag line “Great Clothes Great Stories” – we hope this is the case. Not only will you look good, but you’ll feel great in luxe fabrics, knowing that your shopping choices can contribute to positive change.

Thankfully there is a growing movement for change.   Visit Re-Dress and Ethical Fashion Forum for links to people, information and online networks discussing some of the issues in the article.

Also check out the BBC documentary Blood, Sweat & Tshirts from 2008

As a wise man (in this case Buddah) once said “A jug Fills Drop By Drop”

Why we are as guilty as the labels we support

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

“It’s no use pointing the finger unless we commit to supporting ethical clothing.”
Constance Harris Speaking Out On Why the Fashion Industry Needs to Embrace Ethical Fashion Read the Full Article.